Go Dutch

Delicious Dutch Pancakes & Moules Frites

Go Dutch

Bringing the flavours of The Netherlands to Folkestone Harbour Arm!

Our Dutch specialties are made to order with locally sourced ingredients. Using only the freshest mussels served with skinny fries and crusty bread. The perfect meal for a day by the sea!

Or for a sweet treat, try our fluffy Poffertjes pancakes and dozens of toppings. A hugely popular Dutch specialty.

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Ask anyone in Holland and they will be familiar with Poffertjes Рsmall Dutch pancakes served traditionally with butter and sugar, but why not explore our range of sweet toppings? 

Or just stop by for a ‘warme chocolademelk’, hot chocolate topped with marshmallows chocolate & cream!

These tasty treats are guaranteed to be a hit with all the family, so why not Go Dutch!

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Poffertjes are small fluffy dutch pancakes - topped with a range of sweet or savoury toppings (never deep fried)

Savoury pofferjes served with a salad and a choice of dressing 

  • Crab
  • Salmon
  • Dutch edam
  • Mackerel
  • Balsamic
  • Honey & mustard
  • Sweet chilli
  • Garlic & herb

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What Customers Say About us...

Oliver Neely
Oliver Neely
19. August, 2021.
Truly beautiful poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes). I said to them, it briefly took me to heaven. Pure bliss. I first had strawberries and cream, and I had another time banana and nutella. The pancakes are fluffy, not too dense, and wholly satisfying. A real comfort food.The hot chocolate is amazing too, much grander than I had expected.Very friendly and accommodating staff, excellent selection of food, plenty of choice. Would thoroughly recommend.
Samuel H
Samuel H
21. July, 2021.
The mussels are absolutely delicious and they are unbelievable value! The portion sizes are great, and the chips and bread that come with them are amazing - perfect for cleaning up afterwards! Highly recommend!
26. September, 2020.
Beat mussels I have ever had I think. Lots of flavours to choose from and you get a lot for your money. It also appears that it comes with fries and bread too!Really easy means of service as you place your order and then get given a pager. When it beeps go up for your order.Was only in Folkstone for three days, but ended up here twice, first time it was very windy and cold so we had the Thai style mussels which warmed us up really well.Second time it was much warmer so we had the bacon mussels, again really delicious, and I couldn't say which I prefer.
badboy forlife
badboy forlife
31. August, 2020.
top mussels
Luke Haisell
Luke Haisell
24. August, 2020.
Excellent quality of food, outstanding service- thoroughly recommend.
Angela Wheaton
Angela Wheaton
18. August, 2020.
Fantastic mussels. Best Moule mariniere Ive had in a long time.
14. August, 2020.
Great mussels and chips, Dutch pancakes, slushys and cider! Really friendly service, we were happy to wait whilst they delivered more fresh mussels. What a great way for my son to try his first taste of mussels.
Robin o'dell
Robin o'dell
1. September, 2019.
Had bacon mussels absolutely top notch cuisine resterant grade. Five stars from me

Where to Find us?

You can enjoy the treats from Go Dutch on the Folkestone Harbour Arm and in the Goods Yard