Go Dutch

Go Dutch first joined the Folkestone Harbour Arm at the end of the first season in 2016. The brainchild of Alison Braisted, a seasoned chef and caterer with decades of experience preparing and serving food for the public.


Located opposite Follies Pizzeria Go Dutch was positioned under a gazebo to begin with but soon expanded to a fixed hut with a permenant kitchen.

The response from the public has been extremely positive and the team has been pleased to be able to return year after year, grateful to have many loyal and repeat customers who enjoy the locally sourced moules frites and authentic poffertjes.
The expansion and renovation of the Harbour Arm has worked well alongside the growth experienced by Go Dutch. The team were excited to launch our second location in the the Harbour Arm “Goods Yard” toward the end of 2020. Meaning Go Dutch can be found both along the arm, and opposite the carpark closer in-land.

Following a program of sports events, including the World Cup, Olympics and cinema nights the Goods Yard, enclosed space with plenty of tables to eat at has become the new “go to” place for customers seeking Go Dutch’s famous moules and poffertjes; Alison and the team are extremely grateful to have been extremely busy throughout the year.

A fine-dining Dutch experience comes to the Harbour Arm

A new addition to the “Go Dutch Family” couldn’t go unnoticed in the summer of 2021. Alison and the team were excited to be able to launch Go Dutch’s sister outlet Shesells Seashells. Inside three renovated train carriages from the 1900s Shesells Seashells offers a finer-dining fresh moules experience, introducing local lobster and steaks alongside classic music from the “golden decades” of the early 20th century.